What is the Salted Diet Experiment?

The Salted Diet is a self experimental two week diet. The idea is simple: try a radical and unorthodox diet  for two weeks and see how much better you feel, look and think. A diet that takes much from Paleo, bulletproof and raw diets as well as the ground breaking writings and research of many doctors, biohackers and nutritional scientists. It is a diet that I have been following myself for far longer than two weeks and can attest to its enhancing effects.

If, after two weeks, you feel no wellbeing change then at least you will have found out for yourself that these often preached dietary changes probably do nothing for you.  However, if the answer after two weeks is, “I feel better!” then you will have:

  • Taught yourself, by self-experiment, the importance of optimal nutrition.
  • Given yourself a benchmark state of nutritional wellbeing.
  • Discovered if any aches and ailments and woes you may have have can be reduced by dietary changes.
  • Started the first steps in a new journey towards your own optimal nutritional wellbeing.
  • Understood a bit more what the ancients meant when they said things like: “You are what you eat” and “Let food by thy medicine.”

How do I take part in the Salted Diet Experiment?

The diet is very simple and consists of strictly sticking to three types of food categories:

  • Maximise: These Maximise foods are foods you should eat as much of as is possible, within reason,  for the two week period of The Salted Diet Experiment.
  • Abstain: These are foods you must totally abstain from if you want the experiment to work. In fact it is just one food and you may find it very hard to give up.
  • Minimise: These are foods you should aim to eat as little as possible of. Ideally you should aim to abstain totally from the Minimise foods.

Before listing the foods the diet requires please understand that:

  • Risk: Some of the advice in the SDE goes totally against the current nutritional orthodoxy and cultural acceptance. If you have any doubts, please do your own research and, if you find I am wrong and there is significant risk for just two weeks then please let me know.
  • Weight: The SDE is not designed for weight-loss: it is a diet designed to show you how optimal nutrition can lead to optimal wellbeing in the shortest feasible amount of time. You may put on weight or loose weight, you wont know which until you try.
  • Cost: To really do the diet properly you will need to invest in nutrients, such as nuts, virgin oils and vitamins , so there is a cash outlay to the Salted Diet Experiment, but it is not much and not one I think you will regret.  You will be very much minimising wasting your money on junk.

Here are the foods that make up the Salted Diet Experiment:

  • Maximise these foods:

            • Vegetables: A wide range of raw and cooked vegetables.
        • Fruit: As many and as varied as you can.
        • Nuts and Seeds: The widest possible variety, as fresh and raw as possible. As you Abstain The Grain nuts can become a key source of calories.
        • Free range eggs
        • Natural oils and fats: Especially virgin olive, hemp, linseed and coconut oil. Organic grass fed butter and goat’s milk butter. Understand smoke points when it comes to frying with the above.
        • Spices!: Especially capsicum, turmeric, ginger, pepper and cinnamon. Experiment with ways to get as much as possible in you over the fortnight. Spicey!
        • Natural Salts: Sea salt, rock salt, pink salt etc. Please read the FAQ on salt.
        • Supplements: 
          • Vitamin D3, aim for an average of 1000iu per day over the fortnight. Quality vitamins can be bought much cheaper online.
          • Fish oil supplementation.
          • Vitamin C:  aim for 1000 mg a day over the fortnight.
          • Vitamin B’s: take an above RDA dose of all the B’s each day.
          • Minerals take at least daily mineral supplements to the RDA.
  • Abstain totally from:

    • Gluten grains: Wheat, Spelt, Rye, Barley and non-gluten free oats. Without doubt this is the biggest cog in the Salted Diet Experiment. It ain’t easy at first! In the first few days you may experience “cold noodle”; flu like symptoms as your body and brain come off the gluten, gliadin etc. Hang in there!
  • Minimise these:

  • Sugar: including natural sugars like Agave.
  • Artificial sweeteners: (Natural stevia is a good alternative)
  • Chemical additives: colours, flavouring, preservatives etc. If it isn’t food, don’t eat it.
  • Processed Foods: if it’s made in a factory it isn’t really food.
  • Processed oils: vegetable oil, margarine…
  • Alcohol: Especially if you drink more than your recommended units. Most Beer contains gluten, avoid for the experiment.

So now you know what the Salted Diet Experiment involves the question you need to ask yourself is:

“Why would I not try it?”


Before you jump on in and try the SDE you should probably read the FAQ and if you are into the relevant  science an opinion then check out the Links.