Cheerfulness is a mental state.  Being able to be cheerful is a mental skill that can be trained.

Cheerfulness is formless in terms of origins. It emerges, it is made (MMH).

These are some of the Salted Net aspects, expressed as TLA’s.

It is cultivated by directed intention:

  • FTS – “FTS! I will be Cheerful!”
  • STD
  • PTG
  • ITP

It is cultivated as a product of understanding and seeking:

  • KTS

It is created by inner victory:

  • CYM
  • PTG
  • DNB – “Not to react with fire.”

It is created by mindfulness:

  • BHN
  • KTS
  • CYM –
  • DNQ

It is created by selflessness:

  • OBS
  • ABK
  • AIO
  • OIA
  • FYM – Some many ancient sages speak of the battle with our own minds being the greatest battle.

Cheerfullness comes from an understanding of importance that is proportional to the expanse of the thing.

  • DYD
  • KTS

The propagation of Cheerfulness is deeply enneted with the idea of teaching and learning skills and smarts:

  • LIM
  • TMR
  • TPP