Wound-Healer Omnibalm

The Wound-healer Triple-C Omnibalm Oil that I make is, I attest, exceptional in quality and origination. If there were olympics for healing oils and balms…

Here is how I make it:

Firstly make the Triple-C Omni Balm:

Soak a mixture of Camomile, Comfrey and Calendula in variant tree oils, in the dark, for as long as you can. Stirring very occasionally. Then extract this mash in three quite different ways: cold pressed, steamed and boiled.  

The resultant green oil is Triple-C oil.

I use this with beeswax in my 3-C-Omnibalm Oil.  I still make it to the same formula six years later.

I also use it as the basis for the Wound Healer Omnibalm which we now use on all manner of cuts, grazes, burns and punctures. Even committed woo skeptics have attested to its remarkableness. (Please note, I am not trying to sell you this stuff. #DIY)

In order to make the Woundhealer I take the above made 3C Oil and, into this,  I grind up, as fine as possible, various amounts of:  bacopa, cinnamon, gotukola, turmeric, chillie, saffron and other top-shelf spices. It  makes this bright red oil that, in my opinion, is better than placebo at healing and helping wounds. #woo


What stuff!