The Lymphatic System

One thing that I have taught myself about recently is a basic understanding of the lymphatic system.

(Thanks to the internet and The Pareto Principle it is not difficult or  high time/money cost to get a basic understanding of most things. Phew! #CHE)

So here is my basic understanding of the Lymphatic System:

The Science

  1. Its role across a vast number of wellbeing vectors is incontrovertible.
  2. It is the main engine of our immune system for both toxins and pathogens.
  3. It is the sorting sub-system of our digestive system.
  4. It is analogous to the drainage of the immune system.
    1. The Law of Analogy : Sometimes a thing may best be understood in terms of its similarity to other things you already understand.
  5. It is analogous to the barracks of the immune system.
  6. Our brain has a lymphatic sub-system.
    1. This directly removes the physical waste and toxins from the brain.
  7. We have three times more lymph in us than blood.
  8. The lymphatic system has no pump.
    1. This is unlike the veinal  and arterial systems.
  9. There are only two ways to move lymph about:
    1. By moving the body.
    2. By constricting the blood vessels.
      1. This is done when we are cold.
  10. The Lymphatic system connects to the digestive system.
    1. It is like the filter layer of our digestive system.

So assuming the truth of the statements above, I think it is reasonable to conclude that:

My Opinions

If you wish to optimise your wellbeing then learning and optimising your own Lymphatic system should be a high priority. I currently think that the following is good advice, though of course, it is is ripe for questioning and doubting:

  1. Consume Pro-lymphatic foods.
  2. Be as active as possible.
    1. This is in order to keep the Lymph draining and flowing.
      1. This is in order to keep the immune system active, replenished, efficient and robust.
  3. If you feel poorly then try to be as active as possible.
  4. Drink lots of water.
    1. The return of the eternal no-brainer.


If you find fault above please let me know.