The Ancient “Super” or “Doofus” Polarity

“Am I being sweet or sour?” is one of the greatest questions one can ask oneself; as between these poles lays nigh on the entire span of human moral experience.

The Great Stoics instruct us to aim to always be in this state of self-examination and battle about virtue and vice. In Dharma, it is the distinction between Suka and Duka. We all know it, we all get it when we think about it. I find I never get close to that lofty ideal of a constancy of practice, thought practice I try.

Part of this practice is developing a kind repertoire of extra polarities that I can use throughout my day. Humans using tools. Distinctions and choices that are in a sense more fine-tuned than the all-encompassing “Sweet or Sour”.

There are three essential polarities that I practice getting more skilled in, and they reap immediate benefit and direction. They are:

“Am I serving myself or others here?”

“Am I acting out of love or fear here?”

“Am I being a warrior or a wimp here?”

Potent stuff, methinks! Enjoy!