• Iodine is an element that every cell in our bodies needs.
    • In Salted Salt the iodine is in the form of iodide. There is controversy about whether the body can convert iodide into iodine, most experts think yes, some think no. I am of the opinion that since iodine is so key to us biologically and since elemental iodine is never eaten in nature the body must be able to convert nonelemental forms into iodine.
    • There is a liquid you can buy cheaply online called Lugol’s Solution. It has been made since 1829 and, amongst the iodine literate, it is considered the optimum way as it contains both elemental iodine and potassium iodide (that which is in Salted Salt).
      • I think that if you really want to cover all of the iodine bases then you should supplement with 5% Lugols.
        • I haven’t started taking this until recently. I remember as scouts we used to use it liberally to purify water.
        • I would also recommend making sure you up your selenium intake via brazil nuts or supplementation, especially if you are taking Lugol’s.
  • It plays a key role in many of our biological processes.
  • People take it to cure chronic illnesses, increase energy levels and brain function.
  • There is considerable evidence to suggest that most people are heavily iodine deficient.
  • Nowadays it is very difficult to get enough iodine from foods.
    • It used to be in all table salt and bread. This was stopped in the last millennium.
      • The bread issue is quite interesting because iodine was replaced with bromine in bread.
        • Bromine is a biologically dangerous element that mimics the role of iodine in the body.


Research Links

The above site does not sell iodine and contains a huge list of papers on the element.

The above site does sell iodine but has direct links to many iodine research papers.

Note that Salted Salt contains iodide which contains iodine. This provides a safe and bioavailable form of iodine. If you wish to take elemental iodine alongside it then a tincture called Lugol’s Iodine is a good choice. It has been made since 1829 and can be bought all over the internet. I recommend it for therapeutic iodine uptake.