OK Youngsters! Coronavirus.

School’s out for summer, via Easter, and you are probably a crazy mixture confused, concerned, scared and excited.

You ain’t the only ones! #yikes

Here is what you need to do right now:

1) Go home.
2) Stay home for a week.

That’s it! It will be hard. You need to be heroes at home. Like your grandparents and their parents might have been when they were your ages.
It breaks our adult hearts to see what you are facing alongside us, but you have to stand up and stand by us now, as a generation.

One week where you stay home and focus on enjoying things as you can and helping each other, probably using the internet. Rise up and help us!:)

If you give us this week, one generation, rich, poor, city, country, duchy, you will let the nation have a much better chance at getting a grip on this disastrous pandemic.
This is for a number of reasons, but especially because you young and healthy life-noobs are, most probably, continuing to spread the virus through society.

Here is why it is in your best interest to slow the spread:

The slower the spread the less the social and economic damage to society that must be paid for by your generation, not your parents and not your grandparents.

Stay home.
Don’t be spreaders.
Be heroes.

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